About EFT


VCFI About EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy was first developed at the University of British Columbia in the early 1980’s. Since then it has become widely known, and is being used successfully around the world. Numerous research studies support its effectiveness as a short term model of psychotherapy, and its applicability to a wide range of populations and situations.

What makes this model so effective?  EFT is based on the now well-validated premise that the quality of our attachment relationships profoundly affects our sense of wellbeing and quality of life. When our most important relationships feel insecure, distant or in conflict, it is understandable that we become emotionally distressed.  We may develop coping strategies that actually further undermine our happiness, leading to a sense of stuckness.

Whether you are coming in as an individual, couple or as a family group, we can help you work through these distressing emotions so you can connect with what you really feel and need.  From here, we will support you in creating healthy, secure relationships and feeling more effective and satisfied in your personal life.

For more information on EFT click here and research articles supporting its effectiveness, click here.


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EFT is Growing. There are now ICEEFT affiliated Centres and Communities around the world:

Affiliated Centres Affiliated Communities
Atlanta Arizona
Chicago New England
Colorado Northern California
Greensboro Charlotte Portland
Los Angeleston South Africa
New Jersey Seattle
New York Toronto
Ottawa Tenessee/Kentucky
Philadelphia Other Affiliated Organizations
San Diego EFT Netherlands
San Francisco EFT Network The Netherlands
Vancouver EFT Asia
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Washington Baltimore